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Keyword Level Tracking of all inquiries

By Kurt Adam - Last updated: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - Leave a Comment
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AciveMD Medical Marketing announces their new search engine marketing keyword tracking for clicks & call analytics to their medical marketing product line.

The patient engage call, form and web tracking technology enables medical and health businesses accurately track their return on investment at the keyword level for all telephone calls, inquiry forms and web visits using a specific keyword term.

How has Active MD Medical Marketing Improved ROI for our Medical Clients?

- Dispose of Pay Per Click keyword terms that are not generating call or form inquiries (which generate sales).
– Redirect Search Engine Marketing campaign focal point and change price/bid strategy for keywords that are not creating calls or forms.
– Lowering overall cost of Pay Per Click campaign by identifying the relationship between individual search engine terms and telephone and form inquiries.

Search Engine Marketing is an incredibly practical way to great patients, however, the campaigns need to be optimized to increase reach and return on investment. What our medical marketing clients need to increase patient flow is successful pay per click campaigns (along with organic search optimization) and utilize our tracking and reporting system to get down to the keyword level. One of our clients was spending $1200 a month on about ten search terms, however, he did not know which was driving more sales and which were a waste of moon. Additionally, he did not know how to effectively bid . . . should he budget more for the $25 keyword term or less? What we found by using our tracking and analytic technology is tha twe were able to increase his results by 30 % using the same monthly pay per click budget. Information is POWER!

For more information on keyword level tracking, or any of our inquiry (calls & forms) recording, tracking and reporting technology please call 1-877-267-4111 or visit patient engage our medical marketing & patient relationship management software application.

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