Tampa company ActiveMD is a medical marketing company that specializes in medical web design.
medical web design, medical marketing, tampa
Medical Web Design

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Medical Web Design: How it Works

ActiveMD builds customized professional websites that use PHP, MYSQL, CMS, CSS, Ajax and Java to increase patient inquiries, get more referrals and save time and money. The discovery process is what makes our program successful and our engagement and info capture tools build the pipeline.
ActiveMD Medical Websites

It is all about patient engagement - we need to give patients all of the relevant information to insure that the patient feels that they have enough information to make a decision. This would include evidence of the great outcomes and uniqueness of your medical businesses and web 3.0 techniques to move the viewers along to the next step; booking a appointment or coming to a seminar. (see portfolio here)

Kurt Adam

Kurt Adam is a writer, medical marketer, internet guru, tech aficionado, social networker & Rumi enthusiast. Works at ActiveMD Medical Marketing as a content creator, Writer - Social Monster, works at 1999 - present ActiveMD Medical Marketing - My Personal Blog - Kurt Adam Recommendations

medical web design, medical marketing, tampa