Medical videos are a specialty at Tampa medical marketing company ActiveMD.
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Medical Videos

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Medical Videos: Who can you trust: Professional Production Services


We are experts in designing visual narratives that motivate, captivate, and educate. Our programs have been successfully implemented in medical practices nationwide and increased results by 200 â€" 300 %. Our program educates potential patients and facilitates their decision making process. Ensuring they learn everything they need to know to choose your practice, over all others, regardless of price.

We offer a customized product that will accurately describe your expertise, the different procedures you provide, and most importantly patient testimonials that illustrate the wonderful experiences and outcomes they have received. Turning your inquiries into referrals.

Our production staff is made up of professional who have created hundreds of hours of film, television and multimedia content for a wide array of clients including Schering Key pharmaceuticals, HD Net, Fox Sports, Paramount Television, Showtime Networks, Atlantic records and more. Accordingly we use the very highest standards of production including the use of film lenses, film motion, high quality lighting, hair and make up, everything essentially we would do to make a high quality motion picture. We are used to working with medical businesses in an unobtrusive manner often scheduling production on nights or weekends, but have worked during normal operating business hours without disturbing your patients. Our work speaks for itself see our portfolio here -

Our proven program offers Doctors the ability to harness the power of a professional motion picture production. The customized high definition videos can be deployed many ways including HD DVDs, Blue Ray DVDs, standard DVD,integrated web video content, online media and medical animations.

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medical videos, medical marketing, tampa