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Medical Videos

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Medical Videos: Style and Script


Style = Substance

Our program was designed to give a lot of information to potential patients through subconscious and psychological means. The purpose, by using patients hot buttons, is to get potential patients to make immediate subconscious decisions and look for clarifying information. In scientific terms we are jolting the viewers brain from the the auto pilot (alpha mode) to the attentive activity (beta mode). Some of the ways in which we do that has to do with the personal connection and relationship with the Doctor or Medical professional in his or her environment, the use of interview techniques that are relaxed and informal, allowing for the subjects personality to come through, and the use of visual imagery and testimonials as evidence to substantiate the claims we are making.

Script/outline: Telling Your Story

scriptThe core of every piece of motion media is an engaging and interesting story. In our process we create your story using a documentary (reality) based approach. After completing the discovery process we create a formal outline for approval along with scheduling and any scripting. This would include the breakdown of the purpose of each video, the evidence we will use (or create) and the primary interviews needed to create the content. Our production coordinator will assist you in handling all of the organization for your project, including contact patients, doctors, and staff.

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medical videos, medical marketing, tampa