Medical videos are a specialty at Tampa medical marketing company ActiveMD.
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Medical Videos

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Medical Videos: Post Production: Editing & Flash development


video editingAfter collecting primary interviews, all visual elements and support materials our editors quickly work to put all the graphic, audio and video elements together based on the original outline and story purposes. The videos are converted into flash based contents and embedded into our proprietary ActiveMD Patient Education viewer. The viewer, written in flash AS3 programming uses our streaming video server for both security and access and our engagement techniques including click to talk, ask the doc, refer a friend and transcripts of each video. All your videos will be reviewed and approved by you. (see samples in action).

Our video streaming server provides unlimited bandwidth and simultaneous connection with out degrading the quality of speed of the video and has enhanced security features to ensure your program is not hot linked or embedded on another website.

Additionally, using our flex and flash based electronic DVD software, patients can download, forward and interact with your videos and medical business from their desktop.

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medical videos, medical marketing, tampa