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Medical Videos: Deploying Your Media


There us no better bang for the buck then using your website as the primary distribution mechanism for all your rich media video content. However we want to extend the life of these high quality content by utilizing current DVD technology.

DVDs diversify your distribution strategy and extend the reach of your printed messages. Packages that were only printed materials now often come with electronic versions of those materials. This provides your patients the ability to forward, review, and reply to the materials electronically. This addition can improve response rates, click through rates to websites, and pass along rates. Surveys indicate that the addition of discs to a package of printed materials yields response rates that are 50% to 600% greater than traditional direct mail rates. To put this into perspective, if traditional direct mail delivers response rates of 1% to 2%, then programs that include discs typically return 3% to 12% response rates. Conversion rates are also significantly higher with programs that include discs. The likelihood of a prospective buyer ordering a product or service after receiving a promotional disc approaches 19% (nearly 1 out of 5 recipients of a CD or DVD placed an order!).
The strategy to integrate discs with traditional print programs improves the ROI on a project, and in some cases actually introduces the message to people beyond the original target market.

Whether we want to believe it or not, people actually do toss printed materials into the vertical file. Or perhaps the material is filed away, to be reviewed on rare occasions. DVDs have a relatively high “pass along” rate, in which the initial recipient shares the disc with others. This rate is higher than with most catalogs and brochures. Including a disc with a traditional printed piece thus improves the reach of your message. DVDs have a high-perceived value. In some cases, this value has been measured as high as $20. Patients are more likely to play a disc, which is often regarded as “special”, as opposed to a brochure or catalog that can seem like junk mail. Including a disc along with a printed piece extends that perceived value of both. In short, people are less likely to discard a DVD.

Finally, according to recent study by Nielsen Media (April 2011), Mobile Video Popularity has increased by 41%
In the last quarter of 2010, 301 million people in the UNSA used a mobile phone; of those mobile phone users, 25 million watched video on their mobile device. This marks a 41% increase from mobile video usage in December 2009.

This is due, in part, to the rapid adoption of media-friendly mobile devices including smartphones (and tablets), which make up more then 30% of the marketplace.

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medical videos, medical marketing, tampa