Medical videos are a specialty at Tampa medical marketing company ActiveMD.
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Medical Videos

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Medical Videos: ActiveMD Process


Over the years working with Doctors and medical businesses we have created a proven system of creating and distributing video content that is a strategy to get more patients, more referrals and save time and money. The process starts with our discovery process which is based on our proven medical marketing paradigm - Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer -

Interrupt - you need a strong headline or visual interruptor that hits your targeted markets buying hot buttons.

Engage - you need to engage your audience effectively starting the buying process.

Educate - You need to educate potential patients on the benefits of your procedures/surgery and why they should use your services over your competition. Giving them all the evidence they need to feel that they can make an informed decision.

Offer - You need to make the process easy for them by offering them a low risk way to find out more.

Medical videos are an important part of this medical marketing strategy.During our discovery process we find out:

  • Who your target market is.
  • What they want and what they want to avoid.
  • What makes you special different and unique.
  • What evidence exist to prove you give them what they want.

The ActiveMD Discovery Process is by far the most important thing we do for medical and health businesses and what makes our program so successful.

Kurt Adam

Kurt Adam is a writer, medical marketer, internet guru, tech aficionado, social networker & Rumi enthusiast. Works at ActiveMD Medical Marketing as a content creator, Writer - Social Monster, works at 1999 - present ActiveMD Medical Marketing - My Personal Blog - Kurt Adam Recommendations

medical videos, medical marketing, tampa