Medical videos are a specialty at Tampa medical marketing company ActiveMD.
medical videos, medical marketing, patient education

Medical Videos


medical video production patient educationActiveMD Patient Education has been working for the last ten years with medical and health businesses around the country creating compelling video content to be distributed on their websites, reception areas and through that use of Free DVD and information kit giveaways. Some of the video content we create is Patient Education Videos, Spotlight on Procedure Videos, Welcome videos, Landing page videos, Commercials, infomercials and television programming. Studies show that audio/visual presentations help viewers retain 50% more information and the use of interactive media increases results by 200% or more.

Even Bad Media Works, Great media Works Even Better

We like to explain that it is true that even a bad presentation is better then none. We have all seen some terrible commercials and marketing presentations. However, it is uniquely important that your content have the proper message to optimize results. To insure your success we have created a 21-point discovery process that has proven to improve the information that is disseminated and your overall results. How much is it worth to you to gain a new customer? How much money will you leave on the table with bad media? Our program of content creation is designed for those business owners that want to have a system that guarantees success.

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medical videos, medical marketing, patient education