Tampa company ActiveMD is a medical marketing company that specializes in medical social media.
medical social media, medical marketing, tampa
Medical Social Media

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Medical Social Media: How It Works


We create custom Facebook, twitter, youtube, Google +, and Linkedin pages for your business, link them to your website and then manage them using our Patient Engage software.  Additionally, we created Instant Authority™ to release 20 article postings a month to all your social media networks and get your fans re-posting, re-tweeting and sharing your messages across the digital divide.   You can either manage the custom pages we create yourself, use our automated software, or  allow us to manage your social media 20 days a month.

Medical social media is one of the best strategies to make your medical marketing successful.

Kurt Adam

Kurt Adam is a writer, medical marketer, internet guru, tech aficionado, social networker & Rumi enthusiast. Works at ActiveMD Medical Marketing as a content creator, Writer - Social Monster, works at 1999 - present ActiveMD Medical Marketing - My Personal Blog - Kurt Adam Recommendations

medical social media, medical marketing, tampa