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Medical SEO: Link Building


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Active MD Medical marketing Strategy includes our link building package helping you to grow your medical website's organic search engine traffic and get you listed on page one for relevant keywords.  Our link building package for medical and health businesses are based upon individually written articles, blog post, forum profiles, social bookmarks and social network postings based upon three keywords and three website pages. Additionally, we ensure to add thousands of directory listings. Our link building program is based on google current standards and practices and as a google certified company we understand how to build your digital footprint over time on high page ranked sites.

Inbound keyword links are about 70% responsible for where a page ranks on the Search Engines, according to GOOGLE and other Search Engine Giants.  If you want your site to be found above the competition and on the first page of Search Engine results (responsible for 90 % of searches) you need quality keyword links to your pages.

What are inbound keyword links and why should I care?

Inbound keyword link building is ActiveMD's process of creating thousands of links to your web pages based on keywords.  If you are a Cosmetic Surgeon in Staten Island and want to be found at the top of the results for Breast Augmentation in the search engines that you need hundreds of links like this - For Staten Island Breast Augmentation Call Dr. Elliot Heller.  There are approximately 400 million searches a day on search engines, Search Engine Optimization (a 17 billion dollar industry) is more then the inclusion of relevant content on your website and keyword meta tags.  As a matter of fact inbound keyword links are the most important because the search engines believe that the more sites with high page rank that link to your site based on a  keyword the more authority your website has.  its that simple - 

Are inbound Keyword Links Permanent and Good Internet Practice (white hat)?

At Active MD Medical Marketing the creation content with inbound keyword links is distributed and indexed in the most permanent way possible.  For example thousands of blog sites receive blog posts daily  - it is in the sites best interest to keep the content available - 90% of our inbound links stay indexed with search engine s after 12 months.  Results may vary, however content is king.  The actual writing of content and posting with links to your website based on keywords is the only legitimate and long term practice that is the best internet practice and is definately a white hat procedure.  

Why choose Active MD to handle your inbound keyword link strategy?

We have been specifically working with medical and health businesses since 2000 creating marketing messages, driving patients and growing successful digital foot prints across the internet.  We are a boutique medical marketing agency that produces results for medical and health related businesses using Search Engine Optimization, Design, Video, Directoires, distributing articles and press releases, search engine marketing (PPC), email marketing, direct mail, print, television, and radio. To find out more please call 1-877-267-4111.

Kurt Adam

Kurt Adam is a writer, medical marketer, internet guru, tech aficionado, social networker & Rumi enthusiast. Works at ActiveMD Medical Marketing as a content creator, Writer - Social Monster, works at 1999 - present ActiveMD Medical Marketing - My Personal Blog - Kurt Adam Recommendations

medical seo, medical marketing, tampa