Medical SEO is a specialty at medical marketing company ActiveMD.
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Medical SEO: How Medical Search Engine Optimization Works


keyword optimization

Medical SEO - Keyword Optimization

Medical Search engine optimization begins with keyword optimization. Keyword optimization is simply a practice where we will carefully and strategically research and place keyword phrases (relevance) in your medical web site content, medial web site design elements, and medical web site structure.  This process of keyword optimization research and relevance is done during medical search engine optimization in order to influence search engine rankings.  Search engines like Google want to match the most relevant medical keyword results to the inquiries placed by your potential patients, and those looking for the right medical providers, so your web site can be found with ease and accuracy. At ActiveMD, we have invested in the latest software and search engine optimization techniques to keep up with the latest search engine algorithm changes to effectively build your medical web site rankings in the most popular search engines.

Medical SEO is an important part of the medical marketing strategy.

Medical SEO - Targeting your local market

ActiveMD specializes generating search engine traffic to your medical web site in local searches by using geo-targeting platforms like Google Maps, Google Places, Foursquare, and CitySearch. These platforms work to increase your search engine rankings specifically for your local area. Additionally, we have created our own network of hundreds of medical-related directories where you will be listed with your name, address, phone number and links to your medical web site.  You also can post photos, medical videos, and keyword optimized articles related to your medical business in our medical directories.

reporting and analysis

Reporting and analysis of your position

Search engines like Google are consistently evolving and improving their search engine algorithms to make the user experience more relevant.  In medical search engine optimization this has to do with both the indexing of your medical web site and your local keyword competition. At ActiveMD, we recognize this important facet of search engine optimization and strive to stay on top of the latest changes. We use a collection of different metrics and analyses to find out where your medical web site ranks for your medical keywords, and work diligently to improve your rank by readjusting the content, keywords, and design elements of your site. Additionally, we use inbound link building methods like social networks, social bookmarking, blogs, and medical review sites to generate a positive buzz and increase your medical marketing reputation.

Kurt Adam

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medical seo, medical marketing, tampa