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Are you losing Patients because they can not get financed by traditional lenders or have NO CREDIT? We created an alternative program that allows your practice to give same as cash funding for 12 months to customers with Little or NO CREDIT.  For more information, use our online form.

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We have been working with hundreds of clients across the USA and found that since 2008 more and more of our clients patients were being turned down by traditional lenders.  This has been (and will continue) happening both because traditional lenders have significantly increased their criteria for providing credit (scores above 700 needed) and 57% of Americans have had their credit lines reduced and their credit scores dropped under 650.

We felt since we were working through our automated systems to bring in quality leads, we needed to develop a strategy to retain some of this lost revenue.  We worked for many months and spoke with many highly regarded sources in the business and finance world and found that NO ONE wanted to take a risk financing these customers with a sub-prime financing program in any industries other then auto.  We made it our mission to figure out an alternative way to FUND these customers, think outside the box, and came up with the following program:

  1. No Credit Needed Customer Funding Program
  2. Customer must have a valid Drivers License
  3. Customer must have a checking account
  4. Customer must have income (non-verified)
  5. Credit score is not a factor

customer will pay 25% in first payment and remaining 75% will be ACH debited from their checking account in 11 monthly installments  (3 and 6 months programs available also. It is that simple - we install processing equipment in your location - and program software to get immediate authorizations - your join our program for as little as $139 a month - for more information fill out our convenient on-line form and one of our representatives will get back to immediately or watch the presentation above.

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medical marketing, patient education